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Clos Malverne all geared up for bucolic biking bliss

For a leisurely tour of the Stellenbosch Winelands of a different kind, Clos Malverne Wine Estate now saddles up exhilarating eco-biking safaris for enthusiasts to explore, experience and enjoy the splendour of the picturesque Devon Valley…off the beaten track.

Walking, biking trails part of city’s future

More than $1 million of the city’s new capital-improvements bond issue is earmarked for greenbelt development, including construction of a walking, jogging and bicycling trail that many Tahlequah residents have been asking for.

Sidewalk Biking Update: Stanley Roberts Joins The Crusade

SFist has gained an ally in our effort to eliminate sidewalk biking in San Francisco: noted newsman and patron saint of watchdogs everywhere Stanley Roberts . In his latest People Behaving Badly segment, filmed yesterday around San Francisco and aired on KRON4 ‘s evening news last night, Stanley calls out half a dozen offenders for the illegal behavior. [ more › ]

Waltham Voices: Biking in the city

The Waltham biking community is on the move (so to speak). With rising gas prices, bikes should be regarded as vehicles for transportation instead of novelties. In fact, bikes do have the same right as cars to be on the road. However, especially in Waltham, space on the road for all types of transportation can be limited.