Our School Colors are Showing in the New Softball Uniforms

Article submitted by AllSportsUniforms.net

I was very surprised to see the new softball uniforms for my daughters’ school this year. In the past, the shirts did not fit well, and the colors were a bit muted.  After a few games they were still bright, even though they had been washed and scrubbed. Our girls play on a red dirt that is very hard to get out of the pants when they slide. In previous years the pants had a permanent stain by the end of the season. All the mothers had tried to get them clean, but it just never worked completely. This year, the material of the uniforms did not hold the red color, the girls had nice, white pants right up to the last game.

When I was telling a friend about the girls’ uniforms she told me that the school had gotten new basketball uniforms too, and they must have come from the same company because she felt they were a big improvement over previous ones. When I mentioned it to one of the coaches, I was told that they had indeed gone with a new company and were glad that the parents are noticing.

None of my kids plays basketball, but when I went by the school store and saw the basketball jerseys they were selling, I had to get them each one. They really look nice and show off the team colors well. I am hoping that they go with the new company for all the school attire, I think they will sell a lot more at the store and make some decent money instead of just getting by.