Types of Radar Guns

Radar Guns have been in use for sometime now. And while its technology keeps getting better and better, so does the range of applications that it can be used for. Take for example, this game of cops and robbers that use technology to outwit each other.

Perhaps, that is the first impression that most people have of the use of a radar gun, however, that’s not all. Of course, this might have been helped along by watching highway patrolmen detecting the speeds of vehicles that are either approaching or speeding away over the speed limit.

Another application that a radar gun is widely used for are in the form of sports radar guns, particularly in the professional sport of baseball. Since the pitcher plays an integral role in the game, stats regarding the speed that a pitcher is capable of can be an important component to keep track of in any game.

Of course, sports enthusiasts (apart from professional coaches) also have access to these guns in many different shapes, sizes and quality as well. Some of these types of baseball radar guns come with upgraded technology that can not only detect the pitched speed but also the batted speed taking into account both ball and swing speeds as well.

And with the internet making allowances for customers to make online purchases, one can easily shop for these types of guns in the comfort of their own homes.