Choosing the Best Type of Bicycle for You

Article written by : Well Soccer – Soccer News Articles

We see people on two wheels everyday. Some go cycling to exercise and firm up their limbs and get rid of some pounds. Others have bicycles in place of cars for their daily means of transportation. And yet there are others who have a bicycle stored in their garage for their occasional nature trips to the countryside, or for little errands to the grocery down the street. To the untrained eye, they may all seem to use an ordinary bicycle. The truth is, there are various types of bicycles out there, meant for specific purposes. Here’s a primer on the most common types to help you decide on which type is best for your bicycling habits and needs.

The first type of bicycles is the standard, or the original model. It is equipped with the standard pedal breaks and hand gears, although some come with just the breaks without gears. These are the most affordable types of bicycles, because they are built with larger wheels for pleasure and occasional light exercise.

The second kind of bicycles is the mountain bike, which are a little big and have wider studded tires. These studs allow for biking on rough roads. These bikes have hand brakes and multiple gear sets, which make them conducive for both city and country riding. These bicycles are best for rough and rocky terrains and hills. Depending on style, durability and features, these bikes may be bought at least $500 up to $2000. If you like exploring terrains, whether for fitness, or for fun, this bike is for you.

The third kind of bicycles is the racing type. To satisfy its purpose, it is built for speed. Thus, it is smaller than the mountain bike. It is also lighter and has thin tires for smoother gliding. This is the kind of bicycle serious fitness enthusiasts own. It is built for heavy workout sessions and long fitness rides.

The fourth type of bicycles is the hybrid kind, which is a little bit of everything. It can be use for casual riding, or for moderate fitness, and is best for city use. It is called a hybrid because it is a cross between a mountain and a racing bike. Its multiple gears and safety features are pretty much standard.

Whatever your bicycling purposes are, it is important that you choose the right type of bicycle for your comfort, safety and convenience.