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Waipa mountain biking hub due for development

Plans have been announced for the development of a mountain biking hub at Waipa – which will include a hotel, retail outlets, a cafe and permanent mountain bike and toilet facilities.Red Stag Timber will start developing the mountain…

Mountain biking club at CGHS takes on Whistler

Two years ago Rex Basting, then a new Cottage Grove High School counselor, noticed two students wearing mountain biking shirts. That was enough for Basting, an avid mountain bike enthusiast, to strike up a conversation with Jeremy Williams and Carson Galbreath.

Running and biking into his future

When Al Emma was playing football at Yeadon High School, he regularly cheated during the post-practice laps. To him, running was a bore and a chore. How his coach would be amazed if he knew what Emma has been up to lately!

Shift gears and ride comfortable

The snows melted, trails are drying up, summer biking events are starting to fill the calendar. With mountain biking season kicking into high-gear we’re going to take our first look at some biking gear to consider either for an upgrade or to keep you comfortable.

Walking, biking trails part of city’s future

More than $1 million of the city’s new capital-improvements bond issue is earmarked for greenbelt development, including construction of a walking, jogging and bicycling trail that many Tahlequah residents have been asking for.