Consistency Is Necessary In Both the Fairway and Bunker

Good mowing practices will enhance the ability for turf on a golf course. Use aa fairway mower to create denser grass with abetter texture, enriched color, and a healthier root structure. When planning mowing practices, frequency, height, and patterns all need to be considered.

Both the golfer’s desired playing conditions and the environment itself determines mowing frequency. Since the environment is constantly changing throughout the year with the seasons, it’s important to have a strategy in response to these changes.

For example, if there’s prolonged amount of dry time, it would be good to let the turf grow higher than normal. Mowing too low can cause the grass to not want to grow at all since it isn’t receiving much moisture.

Another area on a golf course that needs consistent attention, are the bunkers. Using a tri-wheeled vehicle such as a Sand Pro with a rake behind is a common site in the morning on a golf course. Keeping consistent raking patterns and consistent sand levels is essential for the enjoyment of golfers playing the course.

There is a variety of different sized equipment out there for golf course maintenance and it is important that a course has the right equipment for their course. Many times the high costs of maintenance/repair to mowing equipment can be attributed to turf equipment that doesn’t fit the golf course it’s being used on.

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