Hit the Home Run

There is a reason why baseball is called America’s favorite pastime. It is not the most popular sport in the nation– that title belongs to football. It is not the faster growing sport as well because that would be mixed martial arts. There is, however, a perfectly good reason why it deserves the title of America’s favorite pastime. Baseball has so much in common with all these popular sports yet it could not be any more different. Baseball can stir up just as much emotion and passion as any other sport out there. However, the difference between baseball and football or MMA is that baseball is a sport of civility. Most popular sports are exciting because of the danger involved; baseball is a showcase of skill and sportsmanship without any brutality involved. Baseball is something you can enjoy with your kids without seeming to promote violence or rough behavior—and that is why it is America’s favorite pastime.

It is no wonder then that most parents encourage their kids to join little leagues in order to teach them the value of determination, camaraderie and sportsmanship without provoking aggression or violence.

To give your kids and their friends the most authentic baseball experience, perhaps you should consider purchasing professional grade equipment like a baseball speed gun or maybe a swing speed radar. In recent years, the cost of such equipment has gone down enough that you can provide your kids the most authentic experience to pass on the tradition of baseball.