How to Play Softball

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When heavy rain and snow come, what activities are we left with? Well, you can settle for a lax game of checkers or have a highly-engaging game of softball.

Softball Basics and Rules

Softball is a game with rules and equipment very similar to baseball. In fact, in its early days,it is generally known as that—“indoor baseball.” Mostly, the difference between the two lies on the size of the playing field and the ball as softball uses a smaller field that perfectly fits indoors and a bigger, softer ball, hence its current name.

Game Basics

Softball requires each team to have nine members. Both teams will alternate playing offense and defense. The team with the most runs (a member is able to run first base back to home base) after seven innings (an inning is declared when both teams have already played) win.

Necessary Gear and Equipment

There are five sets of equipment that a baseball team needs. They are the following:

  • Softball Uniforms—this generally includes a cap or visor (often optional for females), a softball jersey, socks, and either shorts or pants. Tight-sliding pants may optionally be worn as well.
  • Ball—the size of the ball varies, depending on the level of play. Major leagues tend to use roughly 12-inch-circumference balls while minor leagues opt for 11-inch balls.
  • Bat—like the balls, softball bats differ in sizes, although they may not exceed 34 inches in length. The bats may be made of wood, aluminum or composite materials.
  • Gloves—like in baseball, all players must wear leather gloves and the first baseman and catcher wear mitts.
  • Protective Equipment—batters and runners wear helmets with ear flaps.

Softball is a refreshing game, especially during the cold winter months. Why don’t you give this sports a try today?

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