My Husband’s Always Outside

This guest post from Christine Beck

Ever since I met him my husband has been really into street biking and I think that’s great – it gives him something to do and keeps him active now that he’s getting a bit older. I know he likes getting to socialize that way and I like the time to myself at the house so it’s a win win, really! I worry about him, though, at this time of year when the weather gets so hot and I know he tries to stay hydrated but I hope he does a vigilant job. I try to keep the house really cold on the inside so he’ll be nice and cool when he gets back from a workout. Tim’s great and he’s got a lot of active spirit but I sure hope he keeps an eye on himself while he’s out and about on the streets on that bike! I worry enough about cars and things like that, the last thing I should have to think about should be the hot weather!