Tips on Safe Bicycling Amidst Road Traffic

In many cities, bicycling is not just a sport or a relaxing way to unwind – it is also considered a means of transportation. First of all, one does not need a peddler’s license to travel around the city on two wheels. And secondly, bicycles do not emit any of those fumes which slowly kill the environment. However, in order for bicycles to co-exist harmoniously with automobiles on the road, cyclers need to be made aware of safety traffic rules. If you love cycling but can’t remember all those traffic regulations, you better take a break and make sure you know them by heart. After all, they were created for everyone’s safety. Here are friendly tips to keep you and your two wheels safely running.

Be protected and reflected. Avoid broken bones or a crushed skull by wearing appropriate protective gear at all times, especially if you plan on cycling on the main road, where speeding cars and giant trucks are your neighbors. You may look miniscule in comparison to these vehicles, so wear reflective clothing to be more visible.

Learn your signals. Whether you use lights, bells or your hand, it is also crucial that you signal. When you are on the road with other vehicles, you are expected to do so. This will let other drivers know you’d like to make a turn, for instance, and will give way.

Go easy on the speed when you get to pedestrian lanes and crossroads. These are where most activity is, so they are also where the most risk for accidents is. Just because you are bicycling does not mean you can’t run someone over. Be aware of your surroundings, and remember to cooperate with traffic.