Getting Into Golf Course Care? Get Your Very Own Turf Top Dresser!

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Have you been thinking about cleaning up that green?  Have golfers complaining about huge pothole size divots in your turf?  Then maybe it’s time to pull out your brand new turf top dresser and go to work.  Are you a diehard golf fan, member of the local club – or clubs – and owner of multiple sets of clubs?  Well maybe it’s time to take your passion to a new level with partial ownership or sponsorship of a local pro player.  Don’t let money that money you spend on overpriced golf balls go to waste like the reel mower at your local course – spend it on something that counts!

Never considered the rewards and benefits of partial ownership of a course?  There are many, a place to host tournaments with friends and family, a place to host large parties or get-togethers – provided that you have a clubhouse at your course.  You can also get involved in a wide variety of money making opportunities that have even more range than your golf course mower, including snack bar profits, tournaments, golf specials, and clinics with pro golfers.

There are many benefits of being a partial owner of a golf course, specific for those of us that are serious golf buffs.  Free golfing and preference of tee times, often times there will be opportunities to get samples of clothing, balls, and clubs that the course might consider carrying.  There are more benefits than one person can imagine.