How to Get Your Toddler to Appreciate Bicycling

Bicycling is definitely one of those exercises that even the youngest of kids will love and won’t ever get tired of. Little children may not understand the health benefits of bicycling, but they know that it is super fun, so that’s all that matters. Many parents are hesitant to get their young kids (older babies and toddlers) started on bicycling because of the safety issue. The answer to their worries is the trailer bike. Read on to learn how to get your young child to appreciate bicycling and get started early on a healthy life.

The first step is to introduce your little one to a trailer. It’s like a shaded cart where your child can enjoy being pulled around in. After your child gets tired of sitting there without any action, it’s time to move on to the trailer bike. A trailer bike is also known as a trail-a-bike, or a tag-along bike. Some kids as young as 2 are ready for the trailer bike, but this varies. There’s a criteria though: His or her legs have to be long enough to reach the pedals. Unlike the baby trailer, the trailer bike allows your child to help you pedal and contribute to the work instead of just sitting there. The toddler age is an age of establishing independence, so kids 2-4 years old will definitely love peddling independently from you.

It is important, however, to keep a close eye on your child while he or she explores. Kids often fall asleep when they get a refreshing dose of breeze on their faces while riding, so make sure you stop when you feel their lids are about to drop. Try to get a trailer bike that has good set of gears, so your child can come climb little hills with you and enjoy feelings of success once you’ve reached the top.