The Real Health Benefits of Leisure Bicycling

If you would really like to improve your lifestyle, add a couple of hours of an exercise routine that you enjoy. Many individuals turn to bicycling, because 20 minutes of vigorous cycling can really get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, a good sign that it’s doing good for the body. You may have heard that bicycling can be likened to running in its ability to control blood pressure, increase strength, and maintain optimum weight, however, here is a closer look at some health benefits which haven’t exactly received due limelight.

Benefits to your joints

People who are prone to joint and bone diseases such as osteoporosis can still live healthy lifestyles by consuming adequate amounts of calcium and by participating in exercises which are not too weight-bearing. Such an exercise is bicycling. Compared to running, which is weight – bearing, it makes use of equipment that makes exercising almost pain-free. The mechanism by which a bicycle works, allows for maximum blood flow to the limbs, thus improving function.

Benefits to your equilibrium

People who can ride a bicycle generally have good balancing skills. Balance is very important to one’s equilibrium. It prevents conditions such as vertigo (feelings of dizziness, or as if the surroundings are rotating quickly), thus improving one’s sense of well-being and control.

Benefits to your mood

When your body exerts a considerable amount of effort, friendly hormones are released into your blood stream. These hormones are considered your feel-good hormones, and are known as “endorphins”. When you go cycling, your body interprets the exercise as a feel-good activity, so you get a feeling of wellness and happiness all over.