Why You Should Learn How to Ride a Bicycle

A lot of people dream of learning how to ride a bicycle, but one thing stops them: the fear that they’ll fall and never learn. A lot of things in life are compared to learning to ride a bike, because 100% of the time, one would first fall many times before finally learning to balance and ride on two wheels. People view cycling as an exercise, but the truth is there are many other reasons for riding a bicycle. If you haven’t begun riding these two-wheelers just yet, it’s about time. Let’s hope these reasons are enough motivation for you:

Bicycling is just are good, if not better than running.
Both running and cycling are great cardiovascular exercises. They prevent heart diseases and help you shed those extra pounds. A great sweat is not all you get – when you cycle, you get to tone your muscles, particularly muscles of your legs, calves, thighs and butt. The result is a firmer and sexier pair of legs. It’s a sign of good health and strength too.

Bicycling makes sweeter bonding and unwinding moments.
A joyride is always fun, but why be in a car when you can be on bicycles? Have the wind in your face as you race playfully with your friends, family or loved one. For an added touch of romance, go cycling around the countryside, and cap your afternoon with a relaxing picnic.

Bicycling allows you to appreciate your surroundings better.
Being confined in a vehicle sometimes makes you forget there’s a nice park in the middle of the city, and the roof of a car doesn’t exactly allow you to gaze freely at a clear blue sky and lush trees. When you’re on a bicycle, you get to enjoy your surroundings more. In fact, some people consider their daily bicycle rides a highlight, because they are get a glimpse of everything and everyone they like without having to roll down a window.

Bicycling is 101% earth-friendly.
Go green, and make Mother Earth feel you love her. Bicycling is totally safe. Bicycles don’t have those dangerous fumes that make the hole in our ozone layer bigger. So cycle for cleaner, fresher air.